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Definition of Types:

Historical photographs are images of people, places and events that relate to the Holocaust and its broader historical context.

Institutional photographs are images of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum building, exhibitions, artifacts, events, programs, council and staff.

USHMM Artifact photographs are images of objects in the Museum’s collections.

Approximately 20% of the 85,000 historical photographs in the Photo Archives are available through this online catalog. More are being added each month. In general, only photographs belonging to the Museum or determined to be in the public domain are featured in this online catalog. However, in a few instances special permission has been obtained to include photographs belonging to other archives or collectors.

Approximately 600 of the 15,000 institutional photographs of the Museum (images of the Museum and its programs) are available through this online catalog.

A small sampling of photographs of the more than 10,000 artifacts in the Museum is available through this online catalog.

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